Varför stadskärneutveckling?

Från den belgiska organisationen för stadskärneutveckling AMCV har följande passage hämtats som jag tycker väl förklarar behovet av systematisk stadskärneutveckling.

Never before have urban areas given rise to so many conflicting interests and to such concern. Today, town centres are caught between burying their heads in the sand and the necessity of facing a twofold challenge: developing an environment for life in order to retain inhabitants and ensuring lasting economic development.

As a meeting space, a network knot and a breeding ground for economic development, the town centre is a flag bearer, a testimony to the good health and dynamism of a centre of life. It is a quality indicator for foreign visitors and a landmark for the local population. The radiance of a town is only equal to its complexity and fragility. A town is a multifunctional and multicultural living space where the risk of conflict between the many stakeholders and users is high.

This living space requires specially-adapted management methods based on a public private partnership benefiting from an all-round and coherent vision: town centre management.

Developing a dynamic town centre involves carrying out actions. Town Centre Management’s success rests on a lasting and coherent approach. As such, structural and efficient means of action should be made available to it.


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