Detta blogginlägg har några år på nacken men ämnet känns tidlöst. Är verkligen skönhet(i stadsbyggnad och annorstädes) subjektivt? Troligtvis inte. Forskning har åtminstone kring mänsklig skönhet konstaterat att det handlar om proportioner som det råder stor samstämmighet kring(åtminstone inom ett kulturområde). Detsamma bör rimligtvis gälla även för arkitektur och stadsbyggnation.

PlaceShakers and NewsMakers

A recent New York Times article, examining struggling efforts to preserve the architecture of the New Deal, raises an interesting question: Why do some attempts at preservation capture broad-based attention and support while others wither away as fringe acts of desperation?

The answer might have a lot to do with beauty. Because, while we’ve come to accept as truth that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, it really doesn’t.

In a 2003 paper, V. Patnaik and others examine the human face and demonstrate how we culturally establish a shared understanding of beauty, concluding it’s the “relational proportion of our physical features that is the primary factor in determining the perception, conscious or subconscious, of beauty.”

More simply, certain proportions and arrangements are more pleasing than others. Not as a matter of personal opinion but as a collective, cultural agreement. We may not, as a nation of

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