Kärnvärden för hållbar platsutveckling

Såg intressant dokument om genomarbetade processverktyg för hållbar platsutveckling. Speciellt spännande finner jag kärnvärdena som ligger bakom arbetet och genomsyrar hur stödet utformas. Skulle vilja se fler svenska exempel på hur man systematiskt (och framgångsrikt) arbetar efter modeller och med tekniker för medborgarmedverkan i planprocessen kring stadsbyggnadsfrågor. Alla goda (och dåliga) case mottages tacksamt. Tills dess läs och inspireras av material framtaget av den amerikanska energimyndigheten efter att fyra nationella workshops genomförts och resulterat i Tools for Community Design and Decision Making

Seven core values:
Citizen-Based Participatory Democracy: Planning support systems should assist in developing effective, broad-based citizen participation in all aspects of public sector and civic governance

Consensus and Collaboration: Decision-making processes should rely on building agreement between diverse parties and strong interrelationships between non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and public institutions

Place-Oriented: Rather than focus on large scale federal or state level programs or arbitrary jurisdictional boundaries, planning support tools should focus at a scale such as the neighborhood, watershed, or regional level that allows real
consideration of the various impacts of alternatives

Alignment of Local and Regional Actions: Given how economic, social, and environmental issues tend to stretch beyond jurisdictional boundaries, planning support systems need to recognize the interrelationships between activities at the
local and regional scales

Alignment of Short Term Actions with Long Term Consequences: Activities should show tangible improvements to communities in the near term, and also lead to healthy, sustainable long-term futures

Systems Based Analysis: Planning tools and decision making processes should help build an understanding of the interconnections between the natural, built, economic and social systems of a community

Measurable Outcomes: Planning support systems and the use of community indicators, impact analysis and scenario analysis tools in particular, should provide citizens with a vision of alternative futures, an understanding of the
trade-offs associated with different choices, and a means to establish accountability for decisions and actions based on terms that are both understandable and quantifiable

The result is a planning process focused more on solutions than problems, less geared toward regulation and more toward performance, and that allows stakeholders to be more proactively engaged. Together these tools and
process techniques, or Planning Support Systems, have the potential to steer communities toward the long-term practice of sustainable development. In essence, this has been the primary goal of the workshops on Tools for Community Design and Decision Making (TCDDM).


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