Ansvarsområden vid stadskärneutveckling

Encourage mutually beneficial collaboration and set up a well-balanced and active partnership between the public and the private sector.

Develop a network of stakeholders to encourage the development of the town centre.

Create a place for exchange and dialogue between all stakeholders.

Produce an unbiased opinion on the guidelines drawn up by the public sector in the field of urban management.

Establish a short, medium and long-term action plan (business plan).

Implement actions that produce effects on the urban environment, accessibility, parking, security, investment, retail attractiveness, living environment, etc.

Develop an urban environment which is favourable to investors and users.

Allow a better integration of investment projects in the town centre in order to encourage cohesion and a ratchet effect.

Help town centres to develop and remain competitive.

Make town centres pleasant, safe and accessible places.

Give each town centre its own proper identity.

(Källa: AMCV hemsida )




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